Session 2

We stuck around and investigated the forest. Found out there was a camp of ~200 mercs hanging out ready to attack the town, which we reported to the Count. Unfortunately, the point was made that though we might make plans to ambush them in the forest and burn it to the ground, there is no reason we should risk our necks doing so. 3 vs 200 is stupid, even with some backup from the Count who doesn’t have much manpower. We elected to return to town and wait it out, but that night the Talons moved in with catapults and soldiers and attempted to take the town and keep. Without promise of a reward from either side we booked it. We marched for 11 hours through the night and headed north to Emricksburg, where they had some mining trouble. We are clearing out the gold mines when our wizard had to leave.

Day 4

Matthias came back and met the group at the inn. Told us all that he found.

Day 3

After staying the night, we went back to Karaspell and talked to the quartermaster for the Talons. Gave him some accurate info, some inaccurate. Got a sack of gold which we didn’t count, and told him he could find us at night/morning. Went out to the forest to scout out for the Lord Count. Took too long and left the halfling there to scout out for the night. He did so and found many signs of dudes. Didn’t return until the next morning.

Day 2

Woke up and enjoyed our continental breakfast. Met the quartermaster of the Talons and got a job casing the noble’s keep before heading there so that the high elf could talk to the lord there due to his history as a knight.
Met Sir Crane who brought two knights out with him, one who was the Lord Count Edwin Tranoia.

Day 1

Arrived at Karaspell for no reason. Wandering. Town looked uneasy, so went to an inn called The Grey Swan and found it was filled with Argents. Learned of their quartermaster and their leader Arkos. Went to the Hound and met up with the halfling and the high elf before sleeping.


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