Tag: Karaspell


  • Day 2

    Woke up and enjoyed our continental breakfast. Met the quartermaster of the [[Order of the Argent Talon | Talons]] and got a job casing the noble's keep before heading there so that the high elf could talk to the lord there due to his history as a knight. …

  • Day 3

    After staying the night, we went back to [[Karaspell]] and talked to the quartermaster for the [[Order of the Argent Talons | Talons]]. Gave him some accurate info, some inaccurate. Got a sack of gold which we didn't count, and told him he could find us …

  • Session 2

    We stuck around and investigated the forest. Found out there was a camp of ~200 mercs hanging out ready to attack the town, which we reported to the Count. Unfortunately, the point was made that though we might make plans to ambush them in the forest and …

  • Karaspell

    City in the west? where the campaign began. Surrounded with stone walls, near a keep with a noble lord, and has the inns [[The Grey Swan]] and the [[Hound]]. Currently filled with [[Order of the Argent Talon | Talons]].

  • Edwin Tranoia

    Lord Count of the keep north of [[Karaspell]]. Was in charge of the Duchy of Tranoia, which was conquered by the empire many thousands of years ago. Seats on a council of nobles in the area that has formed a non-agression pact with each other. Local …

  • Emricksburg

    This town has a lot of mining trouble. Not enough security to defend the mines so monsters and bandits have moved in. Instead the townsfolk have to mine bad iron and are destitute. Primarily make weapons and armor for [[Karaspell]] to the south.